Canvas Art

Covid 19 is quickly becoming a bigger and bigger part of our daily lives… on a global level. What started in China, with the quick spread among the Chinese population, slowly trickled back into Europe and namely in Italy.

Things in Italy have quickly escalated over the last 2 months with thousands of new cases every day, the government has decided to ask everyone to stay home. So, now we go out if we need to go to the grocery store, to the pharmacy or for work purposes. Besides that we are quarantined. Which means a whole lot of time at home.

The kids are doing long-distance schooling..mostly online classes or homework that they do on their own. The kids are also getting very stir crazy… after 10 days stuck in the house I don’t blame them.

So we are trying to come up with endless activities for them to do. We haven’t run out of things to bake or create yet…

One easy idea we had was to buy a bunch of small canvases. They are a super fun and easy art project and there are so many ways you can decorate and create artwork on a canvas.

We did Qtip art: creating the tulip fields on this father’s day card (see above photo). It’s really easy. Just dip you Qtip in paint and create your rows of flowers.

Next we made these cute pom pom rainbow canvases. You can create all kind of shapes and images with your pom poms on a canvas. We chose the rainbow as a symbol of hope and that God keeps his promises.

To create this rainbow pom pom art, we traced the shape lightly with a pencil, and then used a hot glue gun to attach the pom poms. When we were done we let it dry completely. Then we used watercolors to paint the background.

Here is a photo of a few of our other canvas creations. We used stickers to create the “Lucky” rainbow art. You can find more detailed instructions if you follow the link.

We used several techniques for the sweet balloon canvas. First she painted her sky blue and added a few puffy clouds. To add texture and layers, she used foam paper for grass, a pom pom for the sun and real string for the balloon strings. Lastly we used qtip art to create the field of flowers below the floating balloons.

The starry night canvas was made with paint and chalk for the star effect.

Each canvas was unique and fun to make, and most of all it was a great outlet for bored and tired and frustrated kids.

Grab a few canvases and get started with your kiddos! You can make a beautiful art wall in your home with all of the amazing art that they create, or use them as gifts for teachers, grandparents or special friends!

Keep creating and baking and stay healthy and safe!

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