Spring is finally blooming! And we are adding a little color to our March with these sweet Canvases!

To make your own watercolor Lucky rainbow canvas you will need:

  • Watercolor paints
  • Or these amazing watercolor pencils from IKEA.
  • Water
  • Heart stickers
  • Fine point permanent maker

Begin by placing your stickers onto your canvas. I placed mine in even rows across the the frame, but you can place them diagonolly or in other formats if you prefer.

Then paint your canvas over the top of your stickers, creating a rainbow as you go. Allow each color to slightly bleed into the next. Dab dry if too much paint accumulates around a sticker. Allow to dry completely.

Gently remove all of your stickers once the paint has dried completely.

After you have removed your stickers trace the words lucky onto your canvas with a pencil. Then use your watercolor paint pencils to write LUCKY in large letters at the center of the frame.

Once the word LUCKY has dried completely. Add “to have you” to the bottom of the frame with a fine point permanent marker.

That’s it! Crafting with your kiddos is easy and fun and we all need a little color this March! Enjoy!

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