Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others”

L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 

Some where over the rainbow the cutest little Dorothy decided to celebrate her birthday with a Wizard of Oz theme. The Wizard of Oz theme is so fun because it is colorful, bright and full of different characters and story lines that make activities, crafts, food and games super easy to come up with.

To create this party I decided to have the party goers travel down the yellow brick road through Oz just like Dorothy had! I was uncertain if all of the girls knew the story and so we made a Wizard of Oz story book as the invitation to the party complete with coloring pages for the girls to complete and party details at the end.

To welcome the girls into our home I had to create a fun entrance way! I made a tornado lifting Dorothy’s house into the hair with a giant oversized crepe paper streamer rainbow beside it. Her house was going over the rainbow!!!

If you’ve read an article or two on the blog, you will know by now that I love photo booths! I think they are such a fun way to capture photos with each guest, to be silly, to create themed props and backdrops, and to snap a photo to use as a thank you card for your guests.

This photo booth was sooooo fun to make! I started with the backdrop (using a simple paper tablecloth). Then we made the house, sun and clouds to decorate it. Next I found these black and white striped tights from Oriental trading company which were so perfect for the wicked witch. We made our own Ruby slippers. Stop by the post for easy directions. Then I used crepe paper and cut a fringe on one side to create grass. The grass was the perfect way to hide where the feet were popping out from.

The finishing touch was Glinda! Unfortunately these photos don’t show her very well but she turned out beautiful!!! Complete with a real wand and a tulle skirt! It was a fun photo booth.

If you look well in the above photos, you can see in the corner of these photos the yellow brick road. I made the yellow brick road with a yellow paper tablecloth.

After taking their photos the girls made these adorable rainbow frames from OTC to put their photo booth photo into and worked on coloring their invitation coloring books until all the guests had arrived.

When everyone got there they headed off to meet scarecrow!

Don’t be afraid to use all of the spaces in your house. I do not have a big house, and I cannot afford to rent a fancy location. But I do know how to throw a party! I use various spaces in our house to create different scenes from the party theme or set up different games, including the kids bedroom, or our large entrance way.

Scarecrow was in my daughter’s room. I set up a scarecrow relay. In order to get past the crows the girls had to dress up as a scarecrow! It was a hilarious relay race and the girls laughed and had a ton of fun!

To play the Scarecrow relay:

You will need oversize overalls, hat, scarf, and shoes. The girls were divided into two teams. The clothes pile was at one end of the room and the girls at the other. Each girl had to run to their clothing pile and put on one additional clothing item (the first girl just a hat, then a hat and overalls, etc, etc). Then run back and pass their clothing items to the next person, until the last person was completely dressed as a scarecrow. It was fun and funny!

After the relay race the girls headed back down the yellow brick road until they met the tin man! At the tin man we played another game.

Dorothy: I don’t like this forest. It’s dark and creepy!
Scarecrow: Of course I don’t know, but I think it’ll get darker before it gets lighter.
Dorothy: Do you suppose we’ll meet any wild animals?
Tin Man: We might.
Scarecrow: [nervous] Animals… that eat… straw?
Tin Man: Well, some, but mostly lions and tigers and bears.
Dorothy: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

Wizard of Oz

To play the Tin Man game:

The girls split into two teams. Each round a girl from each team came up. We tied a kleenex box with the opening pulled out and a ribbon threaded and taped through the bottom to the girl’s waists. Inside the box were 5 ping pong balls. The ping balls were decorated like, “Lions, and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!” The girls had to shake and jump and try and see who could get more balls out in 1 minute. It was a hilariously fun game. The girls cheered and giggled the whole time.

After meeting the tin man, we continued down the yellow brick road until they met then Cowardly Lion.

Then we played pin the tail on the cowardly lion.

Then we finally arrived in Oz! Complete with the Emerald city door with a sign that said, “Please knock, Doorbell broken”.

They all thought that was pretty funny! They knocked and my husband welcomed them to Oz, where we stopped for dinner.

After dinner we opened presents and then we had cake and cupcakes. The cake was a vanilla rainbow cake with skittles and marshmallows as decoration, and the cupcakes were incredibly adorable Ruby red slippers! To see more about all the fun themed food, be sure and stop by later this week. I will make a post on all the fun and easy party food ideas!

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