Easy Thanksgiving Table

I am probably somewhere between elegant and bare minimum when it comes to holiday table settings. I love to get creative, to add festive touches, and sweet notes to welcome my guests, but I am not a silk tablecloth and crystal wine glasses type of gal. I like people, including families, to feel at home right away. To sit back and relax and feel like they are part of the family.

That is why I love the idea of a tablecloth that is classy, but that you can throw away when you are done. But how to do that without it looking tacky?!

I love the solution that I created for a few of our thanksgiving gatherings. Kraft paper!! Last year I used a simple white tablecloth, and covered it with a kraft paper table runner. The table runner was the perfect neutral tone I was looking for, and made for a fun activity too. We wrote things we were grateful for on the paper as we sat and ate and chatted. It was a fun way to write down all the things we are thankful for- and it made the table mess-proof too!

Every table should include something fun, something that makes it unique. I love to use small glass water bottles. I often make personalized or themed labels to fit the occasion, but I love how elegant and fun they look on their own with a simple paper straw as well.

And lastly, I love to leave a personal note at each person’s place…a place card, or a themed treat, or a note. This year I made place cards that say “Thankful for” with a space for each person’s name. A simple way to say, Welcome! I am thankful for you.

And of course every holiday needs a kid’s table! The kid’s table is the place to be! Seriously! Even when I got older, I asked my Mom to stay at the kid’s table. I love to make personalized placemats with games for the kiddos to play with as the boring adult conversation is going on! And a cute little pilgrim hat to keep the colors in! And some kind of treat or prize to welcome them! Like this adorable turkey surprise ball.

And then after a fun, but long day of cooking and celebrating you can just roll up your tablecloths and throw them in the recyling bin! So easy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

And don’t forget the pie!!

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