Turkey Surprise Ball

This Turkey is easy to put together and so fun for your smaller guests or your kiddos to unwrap! Each layer hides a little surprise.

I thought of this cute idea a few years back when I saw the saran wrap ball game. Each layer of saran wrap hides a candy bar. I thought it would be fun to create something similar to fit the theme. This little turkey was my first attempt! Since then I have made snowballs, santa surprise balls, and elf surprise balls. They are such a fun way to give little surprises to littles!

Start by picking out some small surprises and candies. This mini lego pack was the perfect size for the surprise ball, but I have also used toy cars, polly pockets and other small toys as the center prize. Begin by wrapping it in your brown napkin. Don’t worry if it isn’t round yet. You can round it out as you go.

Keep adding layers of napkin folding them tightly around the previous layer. In each layer hide one or two candies or surprises! Continue this process until you have created a round ball shape for your turkey.

With construction paper cut out a head, nose and gobbler (snood). Pick out googley eyes, you can choose giant eyes, or ones that fit his body size more accurately. Both are fun! You can do a full body turkey with legs, like the photo on the left, or just attach the head, like the turkey on the right. You can use real feathers, or cut out paper ones. Hershey’s kiss nose, or paper one! Just have fun. You can make these a surprise for your kiddos, or have them help you make them. Either way it is a super fun tradition that your kids and little guests will love!

These adorable printable tags are available for free in the printables section of the site! Hope on over and download a set for your Thanksgiving get together. There are two different sizes included!

Happy Turkey making!

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