100 Ways to use a Solo Cup!

Some years the fourth of July is extra festive for our little bunch, because we are back home in the USA and can celebrate with family. The years we are back in Seattle we love to go to the park during the day for a nice relaxing walk, to play games and spend time together.

Then in the evening we have a barbecue with the family and light a few smaller fireworks before watching the show around us. My sister’s house is the best place for fireworks because they are legal in their area. So we light off a few of our own and then marvel at the fire works that continue to light up the sky.

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And when we are done watching fireworks we like to cuddle up with blankets and roast marshmallows and make s’mores around the fire. That’s why these s’mores kits came in handy this year! We gave each kiddo a cup with s’mores supplies and pop its.

Whatever we end up doing, we always need some delicious and festive snacks to celebrate the day! We are often not really sitting in one place, so I love to create a festive snack to bring along with us wherever our adventure takes us! This year we made this delicious white chocolate popcorn red, white and blue!

It’s so easy! Just melt your red, white and blue melting chocolates in separate bowls. While you are melting your chocolate, pop your popcorn using your preferred method (air popped or store bought). Just make sure that if you use store bought microwave popcorn, that you use plain (no added salt or butter). You can melt your chocolate in a microwave proof glass container in 30 second intervals, stirring after each 30 second interval until the chocolate begins to melt. Be sure not to overheat the chocolate as it will seize and be unusable. When it has begun to melt stir vigorously with a metal spoon. Sometimes it doesn’t need an extra 30 seconds, but just the heat of the glass container and stirring motion is enough to allow it to melt!

Divide your popped popcorn into three separate bowls. Pour your colored melting chocolate over your popcorn and stir until it is evenly distributed over the popped popcorn kernels. Pour each color of popcorn onto wax paper to dry. After it has dried completely mix the three colors together to create your patriotic mix! We added some red, white and blue M&Ms just for fun and put our popcorn in red solo cups to serve!

What treats will you make for the 4th this year?!

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