5 Fun Water Games

Beach towel balloon toss

  • Waterballoons
  • Beach towels

Make two teams of minimum 2 people on each team. The objective is toss the water balloons from one beach towel to the other.

It’s a hilarious game with water balloons flying everywhere! It’s perfect for a birthday party or family gathering. And you only need a couple simple supplies.

Sponge Run

  • Bucket with water
  • Sponges
  • Empty bucket

Fill up a bucket with water and set another bucket at the other end of a long stretch of your yard or driveway.

Create two teams. Each team has to try and fill up the empty bucket at the other end of the yard/driveway.

So they get their sponges as wet as possible and carry them to other end!

Look out! You get wet with this one!

DIY Slip n Slide

Create your own slip n Slide with a tarp, dish soap and a hose! Let your kids slide on down the tarp!

It’s a soapy hilarious mess!

Your kids will love getting wet and soapy.

Crazy Water Balloon Toss

  • Normal sized balloons

Fill a normal sized balloon about 1/2 of the way with water. Finish filling the balloon with air. What you get is a super wobbly water balloon creation.

Have a classic water balloon toss. Except that if they don’t catch their wobbly balloon, then they are out of the game!

Water Obstacle Course

Put a bucket of water with cups at the beginning of an obstacle course.

Each team member has to fill their cup with water and run through the obstacle to beat the other team while maintaining as much water in their cup as possible!

When they reach the end they dump their cup and rush back to the next person on their team.

The team with the most water in their second bucket at the end of the time wins.

Water Transfer Activity

This activity is perfect for the littlest hands. Fill a basin in your sink with a small amount of water. Set bowls on the counter net to the sink. Allow your little one to transfer the water from the basin to the bowls with a sponge. It’s a simple activity that will keep them busy.

To make clean up easier place a beach towel on the floor beneath their chair.

And last but not least a bonus idea…

Just turn on the sprinkler and let your kids run through it while you water the grass. Nothing beats a good old fashioned sprinkler!

And if it’s really hot, make sure and join them! Kid’s need to see their parents having fun too.

Hope you cool off a bit with these fun ideas

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