Princess in Training Party

My little girl is obsessed with princesses! What about yours?

All three of my kiddos love dress-up and especially beautiful princess dresses and crowns. So, for her 5th birthday a Princess theme was the perfect fit for my little girl.

I created all kinds of fun personalized printables like this invitation, food toppers, water bottle labels and photo booth props! Pink and gold were the perfect fit for this royal bash.

I love a great entryway! Something that gets kids excited from the moment they pull up to the house. So we created this castle doorway complete with red carpet to welcome the princesses and brave knights! We asked all of the girls to come dressed in their princess best. And if anyone did not have a dress to wear we provided one for them out of my girl’s extra dresses!

As we waited for the guests to arrive, the girls made their own crowns with sticker jewels and paper crowns from Oriental Trading Company.

The boys had the option of making a crown or a shield. They were excited about making their own shield! They had stickers and colors and a shield made of cardboard and paper.

As the kiddos finished their crowns and shields they moved on to the next station where they could get their nails painted or their faces painted.

After everyone had arrived and was ready to go with their new crown and fancy nails we got a picture with the group in front of our “castle”.

Next we read the story of the Princess and the Pea. That was the theme for the night… princess in training. Each girl had to see if they passed the test to become a real princess (I made a separate test for the boys to show that they were brave knights!).

I didn’t know if the kids would sit still, but they actually loved this moment. I created my own book because I could not find the children’s story and told them the story with pictures I had created.

Afterwards we went to check and see if they were real princesses or not!

I put a small wooden ball inside a mattress and covered the mattress with a sheet and a blanket. They had to lay down and see if they could feel the “pea” in the mattress. It was so sweet how excited they each got when they could feel the pea and realized that they were a true princess too!

Each girl got a personalized certificate saying that they were an authentic princess after they passed the test.

Next we played a game of pass the poison apple!

It’s like hot potato, but with Snow White’s poison apple! Whoever was holding the poison apple when the music stopped had to sit down. It was a game filled with giggles.

Next we took a break for a royal meal!

I set the table with a fancy cloth tablecloth, goblets, and themed plates and napkins. The girls loved how fancy the table looked and drinking out of their fancy cups too. I also made little placecards. Each card had a different princess on it and the child’s name. My friend hand drew this princess banner as a backdrop for the cake table.

We served the kids finger food like mini pizzas, and sandwiches, fruit, popcorn, chips, and soda pop to drink.

After dinner we attended the royal ball and played a game of freeze dance!

This was the favorite activity of the night.

The kids had to dance like a certain princess, or hop on one leg, or dance like a villan, or do a silly dance and freeze when the music stopped. Who was still moving was “out”, but we payed little attention to that and had more fun with all of the silly dance moves!

After the royal ball it was time for cake and presents!

I made Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Little Mermaid cakes for the birthday girl. The cake was a surprise and she was so happy with it!

Princess party is a great theme with so many fun activities and games to entertain your guests! My favorite activity was the “pea” in the mattress. The surprised look on the girl’s faces was truly the best!

Party favors:

  • Princess crowns (shield for the boys)
  • Princess Wand (sword for the boys)
  • Princess pearl necklaces (candy necklace for the boys)
  • Princess Stickers
  • Princess certificate

I hope your party is royally successful with your little princess!

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