Gingerbread Cookie Party


  • Sugar cookies or Gingerbread cookies in the shape of houses (I created all different sizes and shapes of houses by hand in order to have a fun variety for the kids).
  • Royal icing (I piped the borders on ahead of time and then supplied sac a poche with more royal icing to attach their candies to the houses)
  • Sprinkles, small candies, gel decorating tubes, frosting, mini chocolate chips and other small decorations to decorate your cookie houses


Prepare all your supplies ahead of time. Set them out at the center of the table so that each kiddo can reach what they need. Place a first cookie house at each plate for the kids to start with.

Prepare your frosting bags so that there are enough for each child to use.

Let them get creative!

They can create their own houses making mini marshmallow snowmen, skittle flowers and candy windows!

The results are adorable and lots of fun.

I found these adorable gingerbread plates, napkins and cups this year as well! A perfect match for a gingerbread themed party!

Happy creating! Have fun and happy holidays.

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