Spa party Photo Booth

Create this easy photo booth with a few simple supplies:

String curtain, purple balloons, paper butterflies and butterfly banner from Shein.

Two make your balloon arch tie two balloons together at a time. Use different sizes of balloons in your pairs.

Then tie your balloons one at a time around your string. Attach it to the wall. Use double-sided tape to add a balloon in places where there are holes.

Then have fun taking photos with your birthday girl or boy and all of their friends! I created these adorable customised printables for the Spa party photo booth.

Another fun idea is to use a Polaroid camera and to give the snapshot to your guests to bring home as a fun memory from the party and of their friendship.

And take lots of photos! It’s such a special way to remember each stage of your child’s life and the friends that were part of that special stage.

Create a photo booth for your next party!

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