Fireman Party

A fireman party is such a fun idea for a birthday party! It is a great way to celebrate our every day heroes!

The decorations are easy and fun and colorful. So I am excited to share with you a few simple ideas to make your fireman party extra fun!

Create a fun table set up for the kiddos to sit at! This was a Fireman Sam party. So all of the printables were customized to bring Sam to life and add a festive touch.

Send them home with a small party favor as a thank you! These customized Fireman Stickers made these simple red bags perfect for the occasion! And how fun are these adorable “flame” lollipops! Create your own building and use red, orange and yellow lollipops as the flames in the windows. When the party is done, allow each kiddo to grab a flame and bring it home with them!

To create the buildings you will need:

  • Cardboard boxes (they should have a wide base to hold the weight of the lollipops)
  • Gray wrapping paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Glue, scissors
  • Flames
  • Lollipops

Cover your box in gray paper. Cut out black squares or rectangles to glue on as windows. Add flames to a few of the windows. Create a small hole with a very sharp knife. MAKE SURE IT IS SMALL! You can widen it as needs be with your lollipop stick. If it is too wide your lollipop will fall back out.

Create a fun table to display your food and in particular your cake and other sweets. Kids love to observe the table and it’s the perfect location to take birthday photos with the birthday boy (or girl).

Just look at the birthday boy checking out all the fun things!

Add festive touches like a fireman truck, his favorite character or buildings with flames to put out!

And the backdrop is so fun too! Just grab some red and yellow streamers and twist them together to create the appearance of a flame. Tape them at different heights behind the table to create a really cool fire effect.

Grab a themed tablecloth or even just a colorful one in red, orange, or yellow and some themed plates or colorful plates to go with it.

Have fun creating a super fun fireman party for your birthday boy or girl!

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