Fireman Party Games

Calling all firemen and women!

This is such a great party idea and so many fun games and activities to go with it!


It’s always a good idea to have a quiet activity for little ones who are feeling a bit more shy or intimidated by participating in the games. I like to have coloring pages to color or a simple craft to make. This page and this other page both have Fireman Sam printable coloring pages you can use for your party needs! Or create your very own fireman hat using paint or colors and white paper plates.

Or use this free printable to make a fireman’s badge for each guest. They can color their badge in and write their name on it! It can be a fun way to help kids who don’t know each other well remember names.



Using the free printable from above, cut out all the fires and hide them around the party location before the party begins. Then explain that firemen need to be able to find the fire in order to put it out and save the day. So they need to find all of the flames in order to put them out.

You can make it a competition (the child with the most flames wins) or just allow each child to find a certain number of flames (find 5 flames each!). This game is so easy to put together but kids love it!


This game is fun and easy to put together as well.

Tape large flames (that you have cut from construction paper, or printed out) evenly spaced on the floor in two straight lines. Make sure there is enough space between flames that the kids can jump over them and land on the floor and not on the next flame.

At the end of each line of paper flames place a pile of stuffed animals, characters, or animals to save. I used 10 in each pile.

Divide the kids into two even groups, and have them line up opposite the “people” to save. Explain that firemen need to carry people to safety when they are in danger during a fire. They have to jump over each flame, Pick up just 1 person, carry them over their shoulder and jump back over the flames to return to their team. When they have reached the line the next team member can go. The first team to save everyone from the fire wins.


This games is a lot like pin the tail on the donkey. Except that it is pin the drops of water on the flame. Print out or create a giant flame. Cut out drops of water, one for each child. Blindfold and spin them, have them put out the flame with their water!


This one was the favorite of the night! Cut up lots and lots of small pieces of blue paper, or use lots of blu mini pom poms if you prefer. Place them in a bowl or a plate on a stool at one end of the room. Make two lines with the same “water” on stools. Opposite from the plate with the paper “water” place a box, bowl or basket with a flame taped to the front of it…one for each line. Divide the kids up again into teams.

They have to fill their cup using only one hand (or two if they are little), race to the other end and extinguish the flame by dumping the water into the basket. The team that empties out their water first and fills their basket the most wins!

Have fun with your little heroes!

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