11 October 2021

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Easy Fall Crafts for Preschool Age Kids

Fall Tree Keepsake


  • Qtips
  • Fall colored paint
  • Rubber band
  • Brown paper
  • White paper plate

Gather your supplies. Squirt several drops of Fall colored paints onto a plastic plate. Make the drops near each other so when you dip your Qtips you gather various colors of paint at one time. Bunch your Qtips together with your rubberband. Make sure that the Qtips are all at the same height.

Dip your bunched Qtips into the paint. Begin to dab your Qtip bunch onto the white paper plate to create your Fall leaves. Cover the whole plate. Add more paint to your Qtip bunch as needed.

When you are done set aside to dry.

Trace your child’s hand onto brown paper. Make sure that their fingers are open wide. Make sure to trace a portion of his arm as well for the tree trunk.

Cut out the hand outline. Glue it onto your paper plate to create your Fall tree.

Fall Leaves

This is easy craft is perfect for preschool age children!


  • Crayons (without the wrapper)
  • White paper
  • All different shapes and sizes of leaves

To begin go on an outdoor adventure with your kiddo to gather fallen leaves. Pick all different shapes and sizes. The colors don’t matter. Bring your leaves home. Make sure that they are clean and dry.

Place your leaves under a sheet of white paper. With your crayon laying flat on it’s side rub back and forth across the white paper on top of where your leaf is. It will create a beautiful outline of your leaf!

It’s super easy and your kids will love both gathering leaves and making beautiful Fall pictures.

You can create artwork to hang, or trace and cut out individual leaves to make a Fall leaf banner.

Happy Fall crafting!

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