08 December 2020

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Snowman Bowling!

If you are looking for a holiday activity that is a little different than the ordinary crafting or cookie baking…look no further!

This snowman bowling is good for a little crafting, a lot of play and even more laughs!


  • White Plastic Milk bottles or another similarly bottle (see below photo)
  • Glue & Hot glue gun
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Googley eyes
  • Buttons
  • Water, salt or sand to weight down your bottles


It could not be any easier!

Decorate your bottles however you would like! Make silly snowman faces with giant googley eyes, or a sweet snowman girl with a bow on her head. Use as many or as few decorations as you would like.

This is the crafting moment and so if your kiddo likes crafting let them go crazy making beautiful snowmen! If your kiddo is not a big crafting fan, no problem… just draw on some cute snowmen faces and skip ahead to the game itself!

To make your snowman carrot nose. Cut a circle out in felt. Cut the circle in half. With you semi circle fold the ends onto themselves away from the point of the nose (see photo). Put a dot of glue to hold your nose in place and then glue it onto your snowman!

We used a hot glue gun for this. Everything just stuck to the snowman with more ease that way.

To make your hat. Cut out a circle in black that is 1/4 inch larger in diameter than your lid is. Then trace your lid on top of the circle and cut out the center. Glue the rim around your lid. Cut out a strip of black felt with 2-3 tabs on one side of it. Glue your strip onto the lid for the top hat. Add another circle of black felt to the top using the tabs to secure it to the hat structure.

You will need 10 milk cartons to bowl, but you can do it with less if you don’t have enough supples.

Once you have finished your snowman fill them with about an inch of salt, sand or water. Then find a safe place to set them up. We played outside on our porch.

Once you have set them up take turns trying to knock them over! The normal rules of bowling apply here. Although we used a mini soccer ball to play. You can use a baseball or a tennis ball too!

Have fun! Enjoy the family time and giggle a little!

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