Monstrous Eats & Treats

We don’t do Halloween at our house. I did growing up… I dressed up as a princess, a rock star, a flapper, a siamese twin and so many other silly things over the years. But here in Italy Halloween kind of took on only the evil aspect of it. It’s pretty dark, and a few more tricks than treats unfortunately.

That being said, I still love spooky treats! Why?! Because I have a boy!! And boys love all things gross and yucky and monsterous and spooky! So I have concocted quite a few spooky treats over the years.

Here are a few of my favorites!


For this easy recipe you will need pretzel sticks or rods, marshmallows and white chocolate. I used thin pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows and white chocolate.

You just stick your marshmallows on the ends of your pretzels with a little white chocolate and then dip them into white chocolate. Tap off excess chocolate and lay on wax paper to dry.

Super easy and super yummy!

Frankenstein Fingers:

This oh so gross treat is perfect for a mad scientist party too! All you need are hot dogs. I used small hot dogs so that they would appear more like fingers. Aren’t they gross?!?

Monstrous Treats:

Monster cupcakes are so easy to make and the perfect activity to do with your kids! You cannot make a monster cupcake wrong! Add lot of candy eyes, and coconut hair and marshmallow teeth. Have a worm crawling out of your cupcake mouth. Or just make giant eye balls with a lifesaver and a red gel pen!

You can also easily make Mike-style monster treats by just adding candy eyes to classic treats like sugar cookies and rice krispie treats! It adds that spooky touch without much effort.

Witches’ Brooms

Two easy ways to make witches’ brooms. The first is with a brown paper sack lunch bag. Cut strips down all of the sides of the bag. Fill your bag with your treats (I used popcorn in my bags, but you can put candy or any treat you would like). Put a stick or wooden dowel into the bag and tie it closed with a piece of string. That’s it!

The second is with Reeses Mini Peanut Butter Cups and Mikado or pretzel sticks. This one could not be any easier. Push your Mikado stick into the peanut butter cup to create your broom. Could NOT be any easier!!

Petri Dishes

Jello and gummy worms! So yum!!!

Just pour your jello into the cups while it is still liquid and hot. When has cooled slightly add your gummy worms. Allow to set completely before you serve it.


Nothing is grosser than eating an eyeball! Yuck!

To make these gross treats just make a cake pop dipping it in white chocolate, adding a lifesaver and an M&M for the pupil of your eye and red gel pen to make blood shot eyes.

I hope one of these gross treats makes your little boy happy! I know mine loved them!!

Happy creating!

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