Fall Scrap paper Collage

Create your own Fall art with pieces of extra scrapbook paper or leftover paper from art projects.


  • Canvas (or white card stock paper)
  • scraps of paper
  • pencil
  • glue
  • paintbrush (optional)

To begin cut your scraps of paper into smaller pieces. I used a single shape. I wanted all of my scraps to be triangles. But you can cut them or tear them into whatever shapes you prefer, including a variety of shapes.

Leave some larger pieces to cut shapes from at the end. You will need specific shapes to fit around the edges of your object and create the “outline”.

Draw a light outline of the shape you would like to create with your scraps. I chose a pumpkin, but you can create anything from a leaf, to a tree, to a pumpkin, a heart, to a tea cup! Get creative and choose a shape to fit your season!

Begin filling in your outline with all of your scraps. I painted the glue on the back of each scrap and placed it where I wanted it. The edges are the hardest to match. I began with one side and worked through the middle to finish all of the other sides.

When you have filled in your outline then add a cute title, quote or phrase to your canvas to give it a little extra personality!

I went with something simple, “Hello Fall” because I wanted the letters to jump out, but there are a lot of cute Fall quotes that you can choose from.

Have fun creating your scrap paper art. You may need to help your kiddo with the outline, but it is a fairly easy craft to create together with your kids.

Happy Fall y’all!

Here’s hoping that Fall is the start of a new season after this crazy 2020!

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