Super Sweet Summer un-Birthday

Do you love cherries? We love cherries, but they are also an adorable theme for a summer birthday party! Bright reds, greens and whites brighten up the room for your celebration.

And why an un-birthday?!

My daughter’s birthday was during the quarantine. And she was pretty bummed not to be able to celebrate with her friends. So we found the perfect solution: an un-birthday. It’s a great excuse to have her closest friends over for an evening of fun together! So 4 months after her actual birthday (when the quarantine was FINALLY over), we took the time to throw a party just for fun.

The cherry inspiration all started when I found these too cute plates, napkins and ice cream cups at Flying Tiger after the quarantine. So I made some water bottle labels and an invitation to match the party items I had found! I love how they turned out (contact me for your own personalized party items)!

Aren’t these cherry balloons so sweet?! They are a super easy decoration to add to your cherry birthday bash. All you need are red balloons and green ribbon- hang them from a tree or somewhere else, and voila! You have cherries!

When the girls arrived they all jumped in the pool to play some pool volleyball and marco polo. After lots of yelling and laughter they dried off and headed in to make dinner…

A really easy idea for dinner for a bunch of teens? Let them make their own pizza. You can make your own dough, or buy fresh pizza dough. Roll it out and supply all the ingredients. Each girl can make their own individual pizza or make half a pizza with someone else. And summer is THE BEST for a dinner outside. Just throw some Christmas lights or seasonal lights on your trees and set up a table for them to eat dinner at.

And the perfect summer dessert for a party?!

Cake is toooooo hot! So why not put together an ice cream bar?! It’s sooo easy and the girls loved making their own sundaes and floats!

All you need is a couple different flavors of ice cream and several toppings, dishes and spoons. Grab a couple of big SOLO cups and some root beer, orange Fanta and Coke in case someone prefers making a float instead of a sundae.

For toppings we had: homemade caramel , white chocolate chips, white chocolate ice cream topping (my girls LOVE white chocolate), Crispy M&Ms, oreos, gummy bears and nuts.

The girls finished off the night with their sundaes and a movie and then headed out to sleep on our trampoline under the stars.

I don’t think they got much sleep- but they sure had a lot of fun!

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