Super Hero Party Eats

Even Super heroes need to refuel! It’s easy and fun to create themed food for a super hero party!

My little girl loves DC Super Hero Girls (the original ones, not the latest version). So we went with the super hero theme for her 9th birthday! We used a lot of generic super hero supplies that we found on Oriental Trading Company website. Like these plates and straws and cups that you see in the background.

To create themed food, however, we stuck with the DC Super hero girls.

DC Super Hero themed food:

  • Super Girl’s Kryptonite (green jello)
  • Harley Quinn’s hammer (pretzel sticks with a marshmallow hammer head)
  • Wonder Woman’s shield (babybel cheeses)
  • Katana’s sword (Mikado sticks)
  • Poison Ivy’s plant seeds (green olives)
  • Batgirl’s batarangs (panzerottini)
  • Comic pages popcorn cones
  • Diamond shaped sandwiches (the theme of the night was trying to recover the jewels that Cat Woman had stolen)
  • Red licorice (dynamite bunches)
  • Comic bubble cookies
  • Cake made to look like a comic book city!

I created comic bubble word labels to cover the large pop bottles, and found these adorable labels for the individual water bottles as well.

My favorite themed food was on the dessert table!

The comic word bubble cookies made with melting chocolate and fondant turned out adorable, the kids loved the packs of TNT, and the Comic City cake was SO. Much. Fun! I had even found her 3 favorite characters to be flying around the city to save the day!

To make the skyscraper cupcake stand I used my wooden box table centerpiece and turned it upside down. I covered with black paper and used post-its for the windows. It was really easy and made for an adorable cupcake stand behind the cityscape cake.

The best part of making themed food is the kids faces! I love watching their faces as they read the labels. It helps feel like they are in a world of imagination. Our little girl felt like a real super hero! And that makes it all worth while. Because…

Life is worth celebrating!

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