Super Hero Photo Booth

Help your super hero feel extra heroic on his/her big day with this fun and easy photo booth!

These SUPER photos were taken by Millie DiFiore Fotografia.

The photo booth was easy to set up. You will need a few materials to put it all together:

  • Blue sheet
  • Cotton, or pillow stuffing
  • Boxes
  • Black paper, black paper tablecloth roll, or black wrapping paper
  • Yellow post-its

Begin by taking a blue sheet and spreading it on the floor. Use cotton or pillow stuffing for the clouds in the sky.

To make your buildings. Wrap different sized boxes (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, amazon boxes, etc) in black paper. Use post-its for the windows (they stick without having to glue them all on), or use yellow or white paper. Place your buildings at the base of your sheet.

Make sure that you leave enough room for your hero to fly between the buildings and the clouds.

Get a bird’s eye view. Get on something tall to take the photo: a chair, a stool, etc. Careful to avoid shadowing the shot!

Super hero parties are a ton of fun for boys and girls alike!

This super hero photo booth was a blast to do with the girls! We gave them each a printed photo of them as a super hero for a party favor. We still have ours hanging on our fridge because we love them so much!

Happy celebrating!

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