Rainbow Swirls

I love rainbows. They brighten up the sky or the room. They are colorful and full of life and joy. According to the Bible, they are also a symbol that God keeps His promises. Which I love. Especially right now. The world is kind of chaotic at the moment. But there is something about the rainbow appearing after the rain that reminds us that the clouds will part again. Everything is going to be okay.

So we are currently stuck in the house for a while… maybe a long while. So we are coming up with all kinds of ways to brighten up our March and our lives. Like these giant rainbow swirls (streamers). They are easy to make and oh so pretty to look at!

To begin you will need:

  • Large white construction paper (I got mine at IKEA)
  • Rainbow colored paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil and a large round shape (We used a large dinner plate)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: glitter

Begin by tracing your circle into your construction paper. Do NOT cut it out yet! It makes painting easier and less messy if you wait! Get out all of your paint supplies and squirt a little bit of the colors you need onto a plastic plate.

Paint your rainbow!! You can paint in whatever direction you want! Horizontal stripes, arching stripes, vertical stripes…it doesn’t really matter. We made 4 rainbow swirls and each one was a little bit different than the others. When you are done painting allow your rainbow to dry completely.

After it is completely dried, before cutting out your swirl, you can add glitter to the back for a little extra sparkle! You can add an even coat to the back of your circle and wait for it to dry! If you want the glitter to follow the swirling motion then you can wait until you have cut out your swirl before applying.

After you have glued on your optional glitter sparkles, or decided to skip them, you can begin to cut out your swirl!

Cut around your swirl until you reach the center of the circle. Leave a medium sized circle at the center to hang your swirl by. Try and keep the spacing between each ring of your swirl about the same width, it helps the swirl hang more evenly.

Decorate!! Now have fun adding a little color to your home or to your kid’s rooms. We all need a little color in our March.

Happy Crafting!!

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