Teeny tiny kitchen with a big heart

Welcome to Dolceamericana! I am Carli and I am happy you are here. I am a Seattelite living in Southern Italy. I am a Mamma of three, pastors wife, psychologist, party planner and self-taught baker.

This is my teeny-tiny kitchen. Why am I showing it to you? Because the size of your kitchen, or your house, or your budget doesn’t matter. You can do extraordinary things if you decide to. Don’t let social media intimidate you. There is an image, a standard, that is often impossible to attain. If you see a giant kitchen with a fancy stand mixer and you only have electric beaters, give the recipe a try anyways! If your kitchen is tiny like mine, use the dining room table for extra space when decorating a cake or cupcakes or even for baking. Find solutions and have fun.

If you see a party in a fancy hotel with an out of reach budget, don’t give up. Look at the pictures get creative and find a way to add the details to your own party without breaking the bank. Use stores like the Dollar store, or Oriental Trading Supply for craft supplies and party favors. You can make something fun without spending a ton. Be reasonable. The first parties I threw I went over the top with food. I spent a ton on fun themed food that fit my party setting and was the right color scheme, only to find that they were often things that kids didn’t really like anyways. So I have learned to choose less things, that are still fun and in theme, but that I know that kids and adults alike will enjoy! 

The point is not meeting a standard. The point is not the pretty cake stand or the fancy balloon garland. The point is relationship. At least that is what Dolceamericana is all about. It is about baking something to Welcome new neighbors, or creating a cute craft to thank a teacher, or throwing a party to celebrate friendship- both your own friendships and also to connect with your children’s friends and help them feel at home. It’s about showing love, appreciation, and kindness. I truly believe that “Life is worth celebrating!” Because it is!! And don’t be intimidated by a photo. Take risks, try new things and have fun.

And speaking of teeny tiny kitchens…. my awesome husband did a few projects for us and I am loving them!!

Like my new sink!! I love the black sink! And the faucet is perfect… the handle is a farmhouse style- a bit old fashioned, while the nozzle is really handy! It recoils on it’s own, has a spray and a rotating function. So happy! Yeah for Amazon!! I also love love love the space that my husband created- with a chalkboard wall, and farmhouse style kitchen island.

And we are finally starting to finish up our entrance way! Whoohoo!! My husband and FIL made this coat rack-bench and I love how practical it is. There is storage for our coats, a shelf to put hats or pretty flowers or seasonal decorations, and space for three large bins to hold umbrellas, scarfs and wayward shoes!

He also built this welcome board for me in our entrance way, which is perfect for hanging up keys, storing sunglasses, sticking mail or placing notes for family members as well as a couple cutie patootie pics of our little bunch! I am super happy! I just want to hang a few family photos on the remaining wall and it will be done- yeah!

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