DIY Glitter Jars

Whether it comes to my girl’s desk, or a birthday party or my kitchen shelves, I love the little details! I think they bring personality to the area, room or party that you are decorating. So when I am putting together a party, I love to add little touches here and there to really make the party unique and pretty. Like adding color coordinated dishes, or pretty trays, or various heights or cake stands, or jars for silverware or paper straws.

So while putting together a first birthday party recently, I made these beautiful glitter jars for the birthday girl.

These easy jars are adorable containers for silverware or paper straws at your party, or perfect as a pencil holder or flower vase at home. And they are really easy to make! Like really, really easy!

You will need:

  • Glass Jar
  • Glitter
  • Modge Podge Craft Glue
  • *Craft sealant spray (clear)
  • Masking Tape (wide)
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic plate

Begin by taping off your jars with you masking tape. I just did a layer off glitter around the base of the jar in this case, but you can also create designs or angles with your tape if you prefer.

Place a plate and a plastic placemat under where you are working to catch and reuse the excess glitter. Once you have taped off your jar, then begin painting your glue on with a paint brush. Be careful to only paint where you want the glitter to go. *Make sure that they glue is smooth without any drips or chunks, as you will see them through the glitter!

Begin sprinkling your glitter onto your jar. Pour it over the glued area of your jar at least twice, making sure that your jar is well coated. Set to dry overnight, or at least 4 hours.

Use modge podge glue and paint over the glittered jar to add another layer if you would like to.

Or you can use modge podge glue painted over the glittered area or a craft sealant spray to prevent the glitter from rubbing off onto your hands.

Once you have sprayed your jar, or painted your layer of Modge Podge Craft glue, allow your jar to sit to dry for another 24 hours. Then gently remove the tape. Be careful to remove it slowly and to not pull downwards with it, in order to avoid removing a chunk of glitter from your finished jar.

That’s it! You can put it on your desk, fill it with some flowers or set it on the dessert table filled with straws or silverware. They add a little sparkle wherever you decide to use these pretty jars!

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