Watercolor Salt Snowflakes

Have you had any snow yet? Snow is rare around here!

This art project is perfect for a snowy day or for those who are wishing for snow! You will need just a few supplies to create your own snowflakes:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Watercolor paint set
  • Bowls
  • Salt
  • Cup with water
  • Glue
  • Construction paper (thicker is better)

To begin you can draw your snowflakes with the glue. If you want a more precise snowflake, draw it with a pencil first and then trace on top of the pencil with the glue.

When you are done making your snowflakes allow the glue to dry just slightly. Then sprinkle your salt on top out of your small bowl, or with your hands.

Shake off the excess salt into a large bowl. Be careful to hold the paper flat, otherwise the glue can run, get squished or spread.

Allow the glue and salt to dry completely. With the watercolor paints drip drop of very watery paint onto the salt snowflake. It will spread out into the salt, so you do not need much paint. You can use whatever colors you want and even paint the background of your paper with watercolor as well. The girls made colorful snowflakes and I went with more of a Frozen 2 theme: blue, light blue and purples.

Allow to dry and put it on display!!

You can create all kinds of fun winter designs with this technique! Like these adorable snowmen! Let me know what you create with your little ones!


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