Easy Holiday Dessert

Do you like the Holiday season?

I love it! I absolutely love Christmas lights, and all the color on decorated windows and trees. It can, however, be pretty overwhelming.

My kids all play an instrument. So often we have Christmas concerts, sports games, school plays and church events which all pile up within a two week period. Not to mention that I love to throw a party or two for my kids and their friends, we celebrate Sinterklaas December 5, and I have a birthday girl this month! So as much as I love to bake, I also love a pretty cheat dessert.

If you feel a little tired during the holiday rush, then this is the solution for you. I use Pan d’Oro, a traditional Christmas cake here in Italy, but you can substitute it for pound cake or angel food cake if you prefer!


  • Pan d’oro (or similar cake)
  • Fresh Berries
  • Small glass jars
  • Fresh Whipped Cream

You will need several small jars (1 per guest). Begin by whipping your cream. A little trick for getting perfectly whipped cream is to chill your bowl before use, and to make sure that your whipped cream is very cold, but NOT frozen. It usually takes 4-8 minutes on high speed of an electric mixer with the whisk beater, depending on your cream.

Next cut your Pan d’Oro (I think you can find Panettone in the US now which is also a great solution) into 1 inch cubes.

Then start layering! Begin with a layer of cake cubes, then whipped cream, then fruit. Repeat until your jar is full. Your top layer should be whipped cream and a couple of berries for garnish.

Serve chilled so that the whipped cream stays fresh. They are colorful, pretty and absolutely delicious with little work or prep! And I love that they are personal portions. It’s less mess and hassle! You can just put a jar at each person’s place!

Enjoy! Hope your holidays are headache free and full of fun!

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