Santa Surprise Ball

Surprise balls are a sweet stocking stuffer, shoe filler for Sinterklaas day, favor for a holiday party or gift for a class party! Kids love unwrapping the ball to discover all the hidden goodies and surprises inside!

Begin by picking out your prizes. You will want them to be small and relatively flat in size. The prize in the center can be slightly larger and fatter! Next pick out your napkin color. You will need a pack of red napkins to make Santa.

Wrap your largest gift in a napkin layer first. Then slowly begin to wrap your initial gift with more napkins. Hide on or two gifts within each napkin layer. Be sure to rotate your napkins and gifts (place them in different spots around your ball) so that you have a more round shape and because it makes it more fun to search for the gifts as well! Keep going until the ball is approximately the size you desire, or you have used up all of your gifts.

Use double-sided tape or a hot glue gun to close your ball and round off your shape.

Next you will need to make your santa face, arms, legs and belt. I used mini pom poms for the nose and hat because they were too cute. Glue (or tape with double sided tape) your Santa parts onto the ball taking care to lay the flatest side of the ball downwards so that it will sit and not roll away.

That’s it! Pretty easy, and lots of fun! Your kiddos will love discovering all the things that you have hidden for them inside this silly surprise ball!

Get creative! These Santas are adorable! But you can also make a snowman, reindeer, or an elf too! I made Elfs last year for Sinterklaas day!

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