Charcuterie Board

Snack boards are such a fun and colorful way to welcome your guests! They are an easy appetizer, but beautiful and full of color as well.

It is really easy to put your own snack board together for holiday hosting. This is a savory board, but sweet snack boards are also very festive. This is one is vegetarian (as am I), but traditionally charcuterie boards have meats and cheeses on them. You can experiment with what looks the best and what suits your hosting needs.

Begin by selecting several items that work well together. You can vary what you serve on your snack board, but it is a nice touch when the flavors blend together, and are not contrasting. This board was a simple appetizer before a larger meal, but if you are hosting a larger group, it is just as easy to put together a more complex snack board.

I chose two cheeses, one aged (Grana Padano) and a Pecorino Pistacchio cheese. The honey goes well with both the aged cheese and the apples. There are some fresh veggie sticks, easy for picking up and dipping, carrots and cucumber in this case. There are also pretzels, crostini and taralli sticks. Both the veggies and the cracker type snacks are perfect with the cheese and the hummus dip. To finish off throw in a few of your favorite nuts! I chose cashews and a nut mix (peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts) for this board.

The options really are endless, but it adds a touch of color to your table and is easy for people to help themselves as they wait for the meal to be served. That makes these snack boards PERFECT for the holiday season!!

I love this faux granite tray, but a wooden tray or large cutting board can also do the trick!

You can also have fun by creating a themed tray to fit the holiday! Like this fruit and veggie Thanksgiving turkey tray. Get creative and have fun!

Enjoy your holiday hosting!

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