In Search of Adventure

A few years back, when the kids became a little older, we decided to make an effort to get out regularly in search of adventure. . .To be in nature, explore new cities, take a walk on the beach, buy a tasty new treat and eat it under a tree in the forest, or on a bench in front of a castle.

Why?! Why put up with their groaning? Why put up with them saying they would prefer to do something else? Or that they were tired of walking? Or hungry? Or bored? Why not just stay home?!

“Not all classrooms have four walls.”


Over the years we noticed that if we stay home in the house we are distracted. ALL of us. Gianluca and I are distracted by phone calls, messages, house work, yard work, etc, etc. The kids are distracted by their phone, the computer, their homework, and even their friends. And then the days just start to fly by, and you realize that you are not connecting. That life is happening, but you are not really living. And the kids are growing and you realize how short time is. And not only that you realize how much they need you in every stage of life. To talk, laugh, pray, cry and work through their current problems and struggles. And we just found that when we are at home, we don’t. Or at least that it is harder to shut everything else out, and just to love on each other, to truly listen and to pour into one another’s lives.

And when we are out on an adventure, it’s just us. Us and the big world around us. And we can walk holding their hand and listen to them as they talk about school, or we can cuddle on the beach and listen while they talk about their friends, or we can pray with them under a tree as they tell us their hurts. And everything else fades away. And we are really able to see one another.

I love the places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are


And not only are we able to really see each other, but at times the act of seeing the grandness of nature, of creation, is to remember how small we are, and how big God is. And it makes me feel sort of peaceful. Standing in front of an endless sea, or a giant tree, or a beautiful mountain. Just knowing that I am small. And that is ok.

I love these days. These adventures. This time spent exploring, and listening and being brave. And the kids are learning. They are learning that family is important. They are learning that we have time for them. They are learning to try new things, to be brave, to get out there, to not limit themselves to their tiny daily world. And we are connecting.

And sometimes they are a huge pain in the rear. And we lose our patience because they just want to sit and eat, or are tired of walking, or are bored. But the value of these adventures far outweighs those moments. And sometimes things like this (see photo below) happen, and all you can do is laugh and go with it! Life is an adventure! Let’s enjoy it!!

“We were meant to explore this earth like children do, unhindered by fear, propelled by curiosity and a sense of discovery. Allow yourself to see the world through new eyes and know there are amazing adventures here for you.”

Laurel Bleadon Maffei

This beautiful adventure was to Ginosa and Laterza. Laterza has a huge canyon. It is amazing and beautiful! And we didn’t even know it existed. And Ginosa was fun to explore because it was filled with caves and prehistoric houses built into the hillside. It is an adventure I hope to repeat!

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