Mad Scientist Party!

An invitation for all those mad scientists to enjoy an explosively good time!

A Mad Scientist party is the perfect party theme for the boy (or girl) who loves experiments! Our little guy has always loved experiments- taking things apart, seeing how things work and learning cause and effect. This was the perfect theme for him. It is also a great theme for Fall birthdays, it fits right in with spooky parties.

If you can, this is a great party to have outdoors. You can do it indoors, but you will want to put tarps down on your floors to protect from any spills or messes. If you can do it outdoors that is a better option. We did it on our back patio and in our backyard. We just set up several tables and bought all the supplies the kids needed to create their experiments! I asked each kid to bring their own glasses (sunglasses, reading glasses, or protective glasses) and to wear older clothes. Besides that I supplied everything for the science fun!

When the kids arrived we had taped off the door with hazard tape and put a sign on the front door where they had to scan their hand to enter. Then the kids headed out back to the tables. Each kids was given gloves to use for all of the experiments and I provided glasses for anyone who needed them still.

I prepared 8 experiments. You can decide how many you need for the time you have at disposition. We began with a few simple experiments: The Ivory soap experiment, the layering liquids experiment and the hurricane tube experiment.

Then we did three other experiments that took a few more steps: The Milk experiment, Blowing Up Balloons, and Lava lamps. The kids loved the lava lamps. They each brought their bottle home and wanted to keep adding more and more denture tabs (warning: after 1-2 tab the experiment stops working).

For the big finale before we had lunch, the kids did Elephant toothpaste. This was a huge success! The kids loved it and the result was so cool. It was definitely my son’s favorite experiment of the day!

Then we headed inside to wash our hands well and have lunch. I made a lot of fun themed food: everything from Frankenstein’s fingers, to lab mice, to molecules (frozen grapes), to eyeballs (cake pops), to a watermelon brain and popcorn hands. The kids had a blast, but their favorite part by far was the foaming punch! I made foaming punch in the party colors (blue, green and orange punches) in different height vases, with labels that explained what kind of poison or experiment they were! Each kid poured their punch and then drank it with a syringe (I had obviously removed all of the needles)! They thought this was so cool, they wouldn’t stop drinking! LOL

After lunch we sang Happy Birthday and ate cupcakes. The cupcakes were a ton of fun to make. The kids helped me. We made crazy monster’s, giant eye balls and severed fingers, and broken test tubes oozing poison, giant mouths, and worms crawling out of the cupcakes! They were soooo gross and the boys loved them!! The grosser, the better.

After cupcakes we headed outside for the grand finale. We did the Mentos-Coke experiment. I bought a set on Amazon that had different types of fountain settings. And we set off several bottles of coke. I let the kids help. It was a sugary mess and I am glad we did it outside, but the kids loved it! The explosion worked really well and the set was perfect!

After the grand finale we went in and opened presents while we waited for the parents to come. It was the perfect party for our curious boy! Make sure to check out all the links for directions on how to do each experiment and have fun!

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