A Whole New World

Have you seen the new Aladdin movie yet?!

We did and we loved it! I was surprised because I loved the original so much. Robin Williams is my favorite. He was wonderful as the genie. But I was pleasantly surprised with this version. I loved the music and costumes. to celebrate the release of the film we did some Aladdin theme crafts! Like these easy genie bracelets.

You will need:

  • Self adhesive glitter paper
  • Self adhesive jewel stickers
  • scissors
  • 2 toilet paper rolls/paper towel tube

Begin by measuring your self-adhesive paper. With a pencil place the tube on top of the backside of the paper and draw a line with a ruler to measure the length. Then roll the paper around the tube and draw a line to show where you will need to cut in order to cover the whole tube. Use a ruler to complete your lines. Cut out you self-adhesive paper. You will need two rectangles for your bracelets.

You will need two toilet paper tubes. Cut your toilet paper tubes down the middle length-wise. If you would like smaller bracelets you can also cut them down to make them shorter. We liked ours long! Attach your self-adhesive glitter paper to your tube, by removing the backing and smoothing it onto your tube, making sure to leave the cut side uncovered!

Add as many jewels or decorations as your littles would like! We went with simple and elegant for ours!

That’s it! So easy! Now you can easily slide the tube around your child’s wrist placing the slit on the bottom side of their wrist.

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