Paper Flowers

When you move somewhere new, sometimes you miss the little things about your old home. I, for example, miss the tall green pine trees! Or maybe you lived in an area that had more rainfall, and therefore was a little more green, or had more flowers, and now you live in the desert, where there is little to no flora.

Creating your own flowers can brighten up your home, your balcony or your bedroom. And if you live somewhere dry, it can bring a little color to your days. These flowers are easy to make and you need very few supplies.


  • Large colored paper plate
  • Small paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Brad
  • Long wooden stick (we used a long skewer)
  • Green paint, pain pens, or marker
  • Two green paper leaves

Begin by cutting even lines all around your plates, leaving a small circle at the center. We cute the rim off the small plate to make it fit better but it will depend on the circumference of your plates whether you need to or not.

Poke a brad through the center of the two plates, attaching the smaller plate to the larger one.

Add your stem and leaves. Attach the leaves with glue or double sided tape. Attach your stick with a hot glue gun or tape.

Put your flower on display! They are perfect to brighten up your porch on hot summer days when all your flowers are withering away!

Creating small “pieces of home” for your child to feel more at home in a new location, can help them adapt to new circumstances, and adjust to missing things about their old home. Ask them what they miss most about home and find small ways to recreate those special things. Maybe it’s a favorite dessert, or a part of nature, or a holiday. Don’t skip those things just because you’re somewhere new. It may look different in your new location, but you can still recreate those special memories.

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