HUG Monsters!

Who doesn’t LOVE hugs?!??!

February is love month at our house and we try to show each other a little extra love! These HUG monsters are the cutest way to say I love you! For Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just because. It’s also a fun surprise for Grandma and Grandpa! To send them a giant hug from their grandbabies!

Create one today with lots of hearts and your little one’s hand prints!


  • Oval Paper plates (round plates or square plates will work as well)
  • Googley eyes
  • Double sided tape or glue stick
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors


Fold a piece of construction paper and cut out five 3/4 inch width strips (use the length of the whole construction paper). Divide the fifth strip into two narrower strips for the antennae.

Trace and cut out several hearts. Trace your little ones hands and cut that shape out as well.

Fold your strips of paper in an accordion motion.

Attach two strips to the base of your plate for the legs. Attach one strip to each side of the plate for the arms. Use the hearts you cut out as feet.

Use your little one’s hands as the monster’s hands, gluing one paper hand to each arm so that your monster can give perfect HUGS!

Now create your monster’s face! Add googley eyes or use your paper hearts. Create an upside down heart nose, and a wider heart for the mouth. Add smaller hearts to the ends of the antennae.

Let your little one color it in if they would like to!

Then on the back write a nice message for grandma and grandpa, or Dad or Mom… “I love you this much”, or “Sending you the monster hugs!”

Now your Monster is ready to spread a little love! Share it with someone special today.

Before you begin…

Hug monsters are also a great tool for kids to use to express their need for affection. Some kids are quick to ask Mom or Dad for a hug if they need one or to talk about how they are feeling. Others struggle to find the right words, or to draw attention to themselves.

Use your hug monster as a symbol in your house:

1- Use your hug monster to say “You are loved!” Take turns hiding the little hug monster around your house for one another. When you think Dad might need an extra hug, leave hug monster on his pillow. When your kiddo is feeling extra blue set him above the toy bin or in his closet to greet him in the morning.

2- Use your hug monster to say, “I need affection today”. Use your little monster as a symbol of the need for attention and affection. You can make a rule as family that when anyone is feeling a little sad, or like they need a hug, or extra attention during the week, that they can get the hug monster and hang him on their door or set him somewhere that you agree on. It’s an easy way for kiddos to say “I’m having a bad day and I just need a hug!”, without having to put that need into words.

Give it a try today! We all need a few extra hugs now and then!

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