Rainbow Craft

Create an adorable sunshiny rainbow with your littles!


  • Crepe paper (red, yellow/gold, green, blue & purple/pink)
  • Paper plate
  • Yellow & pink paint
  • Paint brush, black marker, scissors and glue
  • Yellow construction paper


To begin fold your paper plate to create a straight line (see image). Fold it about 2/3 of the way down the plate. Cut across the folded line to create a straight edge. Set aside the smaller piece of paper plate.

Paint the larger piece of your paper plate yellow. Allow to dry.

While your paper plate is drying cut out your rays of sunshine.

When your plate is dry, glue the strips of yellow paper to the back of your plate at even intervals. I used 9 strips of yellow paper to create my rays. You should stick them around the curved edge of your plate but NOT along the bottom edge.

Next draw on your face. I created my face with a black marker and pink paint, but you could also use buttons or googley eyes just for fun!

Next cut long strips of crepe paper to the same length. Mine were approximately 12 inches in length.

Glue the strips of crepe paper to the straight edge of your sunshine spacing them evenly apart so that each color fits across the straight edge.

That’s it! You now have a beautiful sunshine to brighten up your winter days! It’s a perfect reminder that spring is just around the corner!

Happy crafting!

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