Whipped Cream Easter Eggs

Dye your Easter eggs with this unique technique & strange ingredient!

Here is the final result of the Shaving cream technique! Aren’t they pretty?!

This technique is a lot of fun and your kids will enjoy playing with the whipped cream!


  • Food Coloring
  • Whipped cream
  • Large pan (at least a 9×12)
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Plastic gloves

First hard boil your eggs and then allow them to cool.

To hard boil your eggs: Place your eggs at the bottom of a sauce pan and fill with lukewarm water. Place on stove top on high heat, when the water begins to boil remove it from the heat with the lid still in place. Set it aside with the boiling water for the amount of time you prefer according to the below indications:

  • 4 min: To make a running yoke
  • 6 min: Medium cooked yoke
  • 8 min: Well cooked yoke
  • 10 min: Solid, firm egg yolk

When the time is up, remove the egg with kitchen tongs and place it in a bowl of cold water to chill. Once it has cooled you can begin dying your eggs!

While you are waiting for your eggs to cool off you can prepare your table. Wear gloves to protect from the dye. Fill a 9×12 pan with whipped cream. Drip drops of various colors of shaving cream around the pan of whipped cream. Do not mix or stir the ingredients. Just gently drop the food coloring on top of the whipped cream (see photo).

Gently set your egg down into the whipped cream and roll it across your pan. Make sure that your egg is well coated and then set it aside so that the color can set.

Set your eggs aside in a flat dish covered in paper towels. Allow the color to set for approximately 20 minutes.

Gently wipe the egg clean with a paper towel to remove the whipped cream.

The first time we did this we actually used shaving cream, which works really well! Maybe better. BUT SHAVING CREAM EGGS ARE FOR DISPLAY ONLY THEY ARE NOT EDIBLE! So you can choose how you prefer to make your eggs, just don’t eat the shaving cream ones.

While the kids were waiting for their shaving cream eggs to dry the kids used regular dye to dye other eggs and edible pens to draw on eggs as well. They made a lot of fun creations, but the shaving cream trick was the most fun of them all!

Have fun this Easter trying something new with your kiddos and put them on display on your Easter table.

I loved the tie dye effect that the creams created. The eggs were really pretty. The kids love playing with the cream, but prefered how their “drawing eggs” turned out.

Have fun and happy creating!

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