Easy Bunny Treats

Easter is around the corner and we are getting ready to celebrate at our house! What are your Easter traditions? We love to go to church in the morning and then have a family lunch or brunch in the afternoon. The other traditions we have done have varied over the years, seeing as though egg hunts, and dying eggs, and Easter baskets are not part of the Italian culture we live in.

I do, however, love to make themed treats! I fell in love with these little bunny treats! They were a ton of fun to make and the kids at our Easter gathering enjoyed them. They especially loved the bunny butts, because well, kids will be kids!

They were so easy to create. You will need white melting chocolate, brown jimmies (or black if you prefer), heart sprinkles for the eyes and feet, pink decorating sugar for the ears, small round pink sprinkles for the nose, and mini marshmallows for the tail and feet.

Begin by making your bunny feet and ears ahead of time. They will need to be ready so that you can attach them to your cookie while it is still damp from dipping it in the chocolate. When you have prepared your ears and feet, start dipping your Oreos into the white melting chocolate. Tap off excess. Set on parchment paper. While they are drying attach all the items to create your face and bunny butt. Attach the ears last so you don’t risk bumping them and so you can hold them in place for a few seconds while they attach. If you are making several bunnies at once you may want to have a helper. Someone who dips the cookies and someone who decorates them. If your Oreo dries to fast before you can attach the items, don’t worry. Just apply a small quantity of melted chocolate on the end of the item with a toothpick or pointed knife and apply to the dried cookie.

Do you enjoy making themed treats for Easter? What is your favorite treat to make?

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