Gingerbread House Party

My girls wanted to invite their friends over during the holiday break from school. So we threw a little party for each of them and a few of their friends. Our eldest daughter chose a gingerbread house party. We call them crazy cookie houses around here (make sure to check out this post to see why we do gingerbread houses this way, and how you can make your own)!!!

I supplied each girl with a pack of square cookies, a bag of royal icing, and a plate or tray for them to bring their creation home on. In the middle of the table were all kids of sprinkles, pretzel sticks (they are very helpful for the house structure and for roof building), candies, marshmallows, chocolate chips, decorating pens, and more for each girl to use!

Each girl built their own original creation. Adding as many stories, or layers, or whatever shaped roof they desired. One built a garage, one a two story house and one with your typical triangle roof. They were all different and super creative! While they waited for their creations to dry, they all went out on the trampoline for a while (we lucked out on a sunny day).

After a little break they came back for morning snacks and drinks. I just made a few snacks since they came over around 10am, and created a personalized juice bottle for each girl.

After snacks, the girls played Just Dance until their parents came to get them! It was easy to plan and the girls had so much fun! Aren’t the Sugar Plum Fairy decorations too sweet?!

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