DIY Slippers for a Spa Party

If you need a fun idea for a girl’s Spa night or a Spa party these DIY slippers are fun and easy to make.


  • Guest slippers (I found mine here on Amazon)
  • Iron on patches (I used these adorable butterflies from Amazon to fit the theme)
  • Fabric Paint
  • Fabric Pens
  • Needles, thread, scissors
  • Beads
  • Ribbons


Set up a table with a set of slippers at each place and all of your materials to personalize them at the center of the table. Light some beautiful candles, turn on some fun music and get creative!

We did this fun activity for my daughter’s 13th birthday.

Each girl decided on the design they wanted to create for their slippers and then got started. We did the iron-on patches first and they added the finishing touches.

A fun idea is to provide beads. The girls added a few decorative beads tastefully to their slippers.

I particularly liked these adorable ones (see below photo) with iron-on butterflies and matching colored beads spelling out the name of my daughter. They turned out adorable!

The extra fun thing about creating DIY slippers at a Spa party is that your friends/guests can wear them for the remainder of you Spa time together.

Create your own slippers at a Spa party soon! They are easy, fun and a special gift to send home with your guests.

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