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Jedi Training Academy

Star Wars is a fun theme for a birthday party. There are a lot of games and activities that go well with the theme. My favorite is to create a Jedi training academy and invite your guests to attend!

While the kids are arriving give them an activity to keep busy until everyone has gotten there. We had coloring pages for smaller children or masks to color for older children.

Next explain your academy. Explain that to become a Jedi knight you need to gain several skills that a Jedi has.

Party Favors:

Obstacle Course

Jedi’s have to be strong, fast, have good balance and find their way out of a tough situation. So, begin with an obstacle course!

Our final goal was to reach Obi wan kenobi. We handed out their light sabers before the race and took them away afterwards.

A few fun challenges you might place in your obstacle course could be throwing balloons at them that have just a small amount of water at the base and are blown up the rest of the way with air. The kids have to try and remain in the hula hoop circle and hit the balloons away. It is tough because the balloons are wobbly!

Have them walk across a balance beam. Crawl under something and over the top of something else. Get creative! The kiddos LOVED this part of the party! My kids kept doing it for days after the party.

Pod Racer

A Jedi knight has his vehicle. Anakin could build his own pod racer. Give the kids tons of material to create their own pod racer.

I gave aluminium tins, plastic and paper plates and bowls and cups, foil, tape, string, small cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes, coloring pens, colored paper, stickers, cardboard, straws and anything else you can think of!

Let them go crazy making their own creation!

Once they are done allow them to race their pod racers by throwing them or rolling them across the floor and seeing whose travels furthest and fastest! Give awards and encouragement for… the fastest, the most creative, the biggest, the strongest, etc, etc.

After this activity we took a little break for dinner. If you need some food ideas for your Star Wars party visit this post!

Scavenger Hunt:

Jedi knight has really good eye sight and is good at finding things. So we hid a printed picture of all of the Star Wars characters around the house and the kids had to try and find them all.

Lightsaber Training:

Lastly, we had a lightsaber training session. The Master Jedi showed the kids a few basic moves with their lightsaber that they had to repeat. He had them do it faster and faster until they got the moves down. It was fun and silly. The kids were all laughing.

Then while they were distracted my husband got dressed up like Darth Vader and they had to defeat him with their lightsaber moves they learned. He was a good sport and the kids had a blast.

Lastly, we had cake and opened presents. We gave each child their certificate of becoming an official Jedi Knight at the end of the party. It was a lot of fun for all!

May the force be with you!

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