16 March 2021

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Fun & Games

Construction Party

Start off the party fun with a photo booth! It is a great way to make sure all of your guests are in at least 1 photo and that they each get a photo with the birthday boy! It’s also a fun idea to print the photos out as a thank you for your guests.

Photo Booth:

Setting up a photo booth is easy. You will need some cute props and then you can even use something as simple as a tablecloth and some brightly colored balloons as your backdrop!

Games & Activities:

Next find a peaceful game or activity that everyone can join in as they arrive. You can print out some cute construction coloring pages, or let them build things with legos or playdoh!

Build the Tallest Tower Game

For our welcome activity we set up a super fun game! And you only need 2 supplies!

  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Toothpicks

Just give each person (or create teams) their own supplies to build a marshmallow tower together. Using only toothpicks and mini marshmallows each person tries to create the tallest tower possible.

They will come up with some really fun creations!

Just have an older child or an adult nearby to supervise toothpick activity if smaller kids are using them.

Demolition Game

I didn’t get an action shot of this fame, but there is a lot of action involved! LOL

Just wrap up some Amazon boxes in black, brown or gray paper and glue on some yellow or white windows in order to create several buildings for the game.

Once you have created your building allow your kiddos to be the demolition crew and knock them down! You can have them kick them over with a soccer ball from behind the line, or use a medium sized ball and allow them to throw it in order to knock the buildings down.

It’s easy to put together but boys love it!

Cone and Ring Game & Cone Bowling
  • Cones
  • Rings

This one is easy too! I created the cones out of orange poster board, but you can buy cones on Amazon as well. And then I created the rings with paper plates. I just cut out the center of the ring and colored them black and yellow like hazard tape. It was easy and much less expensive than buying all of the supplies.

To play the game just set the cones on the floor and allow each child to toss it over the cone. Help younger kids by holding the cone up and helping them get the ring around the cone.

  • Orange plastic cup
  • white washi tape
  • Orange Poster board or cardstock

Cone bowling on the other hand is just like how it sounds. Set up a tower or pyramid rows of cones and have your kids bowl them over by rolling the ball to knock them down. You can also set them on a higher surface and they can throw a ball to knock them over.

When we were done with the games the kids had fun just stacking the items, making towers and knocking things over.

And when the party was over let them be the demolition crew and squish your boxes for recycling!

Match the Tool Game

This game is like pin the tail on the donkey…but with more details. Each child get a tool and they have to figure out where it goes on the board and then you blindfold them and spin them in circles and they try to match their tool to the place it belongs.

An easier version for smaller kids is to simply give them the tools and they have to match the shapes. Put a piece of tape on the back of each tool and they can walk up and match it to where it belongs on the tool board.

The free printable is available for download. Just print the PDF, match the four pieces of your board and tape it together so that you have one large poster, and cut out all of the tools. It’s easy and fun!

After all of those games enjoy a little cake and presents!

Other easy game ideas:

Tool box grab: Sit in a circle. Pass around a toy toolbox filled with tools. When it is the child’s turn they can stick their hand into the box and grab one tool without looking. Then they need to guess with their eyes closed, and the tool still in the box, what the item is. Once they have guessed they can pull the tool out and hold it. Pass it to the next child and they can do the same until everyone has guessed at least once.

Let’s Race: race with diggers, dump trucks and other construction vehicles. See whose vehicle goes the fastest or the farthest.

Dig in!: Use a sandbox, or sensory bins and allow children to dig with diggers, trucks, and tools. You can also hide items for them to find in the “dirt”.

I hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration for your next party!

Have fun! Life is worth celebrating!

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