Painted Hearts

With this project you can create two beautiful pieces of artwork in one!!


  • Paper
  • Masking Tape/Painter’s tape
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water
  • Placemat
  • Scissors

Begin by cutting out a template. We used heart shape, but you can use any shape of your choice.

Tape your template onto your canvas or construction paper using masking tape. Once it is taped in place then place dots of paint in a circle in the center of your template. Leave about a fingers-width of space between each dot. Use the colors of your choice! I went with rainbow colors, but you could do a winter color theme or Fall color theme…whatever works for you!

Now with your paintbrush (use a thicker brush for the best effect), paint outwards towards the edge of your paper.

You want to create a triangle/wedge shape for each color and slightly blend it into the next color before changing brushes or washing your brush out.

Continue until you have brushed out all of your paint dots. The idea is to create wedges of color all around your heart, but also to brush the paint in a fanning motion out onto your canvas or construction paper, creating an explosion of color on both your heart and the paper behind it.

Allow your art work to dry completely and then gently remove your heart from the center of your paper.

When you are done you will have to pieces of artwork to display or give to Grandma and Grandpa for Valentine’s day or just to say I love you!

Happy creating!

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