Creative Ideas for Gifting Cash

It’s Raining Money Umbrella Gift

My tween thought this one was pretty funny!

  1. Cash
  2. Umbrella
  3. Mini clothes pins
  4. If you want to use coins as well then you will need ribbon and tape

To make a money umbrella just use the clothes pin to “clip” the money onto the structure of the umbrella. You can use paper clips if you can’t find mini clothes pins.

To attach the coins to your umbrella: tape one end of a piece of umbrella to the wire structure of the umbrella and the other end to your coin.

Wrap your umbrella up like that is the actual gift and let them try and figure out the surprise hiding inside!

Hiding it in an Ornament

  1. Plastic Christmas Bauble
  2. Fake snow
  3. Cash
  4. Tape, or glue or double sided tape to hold the ornament shut

You can easily buy the plastic snow globe ornaments. Decorate them like a snowman, fill them with snow, or confetti and hide the money inside.

Then hang your ornament on the tree with a small gift tag attached.

It’s super quick and easy, but fun to open as well (albeit a bite messy!).

Candy in the Tree: Wrapping Money around a Lollipop

  • Lollipop
  • Cash
  • Ribbon

This year I wrapped money around lollipops and hung them in the tree.

The kids spotted them easily and were happy to find both money and a candy favorite!

Word Puzzle

  1. Cash
  2. Napkins
  3. Scissors and glue
  4. Construction paper, googley eyes, permanent markers, pom poms, ribbon, etc to decorate your surprise ball accordingly

Create a word puzzle to tell your kids what they are getting. You can write MONEY or CASH or write longer words as well (if, for example, your gift from Amazon is late or you want your child to pick out his own gift).

Just write 1 letter per piece of paper and then hide them in an ornament, a candy jar, wrap them in a box or my favorite is to make a Santa surprise ball (or snowflake surprise ball, or Elf surprise ball). Click on the link for step by step directions, but the gist is this: within each layer of wrapping you hide one letter of your word clue or a small candy. As they unwrap their surprise ball they find all kinds of small treats and the letters to form their word puzzle!

It’s a game and a gift all in one!

Candy Jars

  • Cash
  • Wide jar
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Favorite candy (small in size)
  • Paper tube

Hide money in a candy jar!

For this one you will need a wide jar. In the center of your jar you will need to fit a paper tube (like a wrapping paper tube, paper towel tube, or toilet paper roll). Make sure it is the right height that you can disguise it burying it in candy on all sides.

Next wrap your money in plastic wrap and place it in your tube. Then wrap the entire tube, with the money inside in plastic wrap as well.

Place the tube in the center of your jar and fit the candies all around it, to hide the tube from view.

Wrap your jar and wait for your kiddo to figure out that they not only got their favorite candy, but also some spending cash hidden inside!

Scavenger Hunt with Clues

  1. Paper for your clues
  2. Lots of good hiding places
  3. Cash

Creating a scavenger hunt is a super fun way to gift things for older children and tweens. You can leave a clue or an envelope with a dollar bill and the next clue at each stop along the way.

You’ll have them running around the house to figure it out, but usually there is a lot of laughter involved as well!

Giving money doesn’t have to be boring! Get creative in how you gift it and your kids will be happy to have money to spend, and enjoy the surprise in how they receive it.

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