Drive-in Theatre

When you live in a new country, sometimes you lose the opportunity to do the outings and activities you did at home on a regular basis. When I first moved to Italy there were not malls in our area. I didn’t go to the mall very often at home, but I loved going at Christmas time. I loved the decorations, the twinkle lights, the ornaments, the greenery. My first Christmas here I was homesick. I missed all the family traditions and special foods, but I also missed the little things like a walk in the mall.

When you’re in a new place, and don’t have the opportunity to do the things you love, find creative ways to do something similar. If you love going to the movie theater, then why not create your own drive-in theater in your home?!

We created our drive-in cars with extra large boxes (if you don’t have access to boxes get creative! Use a laundry basket or a large wooden crate or another item you have in your home).


  • Large flat box (big enough for your little one to sit inside of)
  • Paper to cover your box with (we used a roll of blu wrapping paper)
  • Glue, double-sided tape, and scissors
  • Black and grey paper to create the steering wheel and the wheels of the car.


Fold the four sides of your box down into the box to make your box more sturdy. You can also add a layer of cardboard to the floor of the box to strengthen it if you wish. You can use tape or glue to secure the flaps of your box as well.

Cover the front 1/4 of your car with the paper in order to create the hood of your car. Next cover the four remaining sides of the car with your paper. Add your steering wheel and wheels to the car with glue or double-sided tape.

Now just create some tickets for your theater and prepare a few fun snacks to munch on! You can download these tickets and fill in the information for your movie nite, or create your own.

The perfect snack for a night at the movies? POPCORN!!

Make your own caramel corn with this easy recipe, or just pop a traditional bowl of popcorn to snack on. I like to bring a box of candy or a special treat from home and save it for a movie night. It’s a fun surprise for the kids when I pull out a favorite snack that they love but that is unavailable where we live.

To make your own caramel corn you will need the following ingredients:

  • Popcorn
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Whipping Cream

A night at the movies is easy to create in your own home and is a fun way to create new memories as a family! It will be an evening that they won’t easily forget. And bonus? They can keep the car to play in for a bit.

Create your drive-in car today and enjoy a family night at the movies today!

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