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Construction Party themed food

Themed party food adds such a festive touch to your party! Kids and adult alike love to read the labels and associate the foods with your theme.

It’s pretty easy to do with everyday foods, you just need to get a little creative! I’ll share a few fun ideas with you in this post.

Food ideas:

  • Spare Wheels: mini chocolate donuts, oreos, or other round shaped foods
  • Wood: Pretzel sticks, bread sticks, pocky, mikado, piroette cookies or other long “stick” shaped foods
  • Wooden planks: wafer cookies
  • Nuts and bolts: peanuts, pretzel mix, nut mix, etc
  • Boulders: Whoppers or other round chocolates
  • Demolition ball: black olives
  • Themed sugar cookies and cupcakes with themed toppers!
  • Use truck and tool cookie cutters to create sandwiches that fit your theme

There are a lot of fun ways to display your food as well. Put your cupcakes or another food item in a dump truck (wash it well first). Use diggers, to “dig up” your food items from the bowl. Or a mini tool box to hold your napkins and silverware. Use a play yellow hard hat to hold food too!

I made the backdrop for the food table by hand! It’s easy to put together, and super fun!

I used Kraft paper for the “dirt” backdrop, and black wrapping paper for the road. To create the yellow divider we used yellow construction paper. To create the sidewalk borders we used caution tape.

Then I created the letters to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY with little tools or other construction items in Italian.

I also created the tablecloth by attaching caution tape around the edges of the tablecloth.

Instead I used the tablecloth from this adorable construction party set from Amazon for the photo booth.

Another simple idea is to stick with food that fits your color scheme. Items like mandarine oranges, oranges, oreos, donuts, chocolate, licorice, carrots, pineapple, cheeses, crackers, etc.

Have fun with this theme and get creative! There is a lot you can do with food for a Construction Party!

Life is worth celebrating!

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