Tie Dye Art

Tie dye is back and it is still a lot of fun to make! Whether it’s tie dying a t-shirt or a mask or a canvas…it’s colorful and bright and fun to do with your kiddos.


  • Permanent pens
  • Canvas
  • Alcohol

Begin by coloring in your canvas with your permanent pens. Try to imitate the typical tie dye designs like the swirl or spots.

A few tips:

1- Use fat tipped markers, not thin ones. I used both and the fat tipped markers turned out much smoother than the thin tipped when turning your canvas into the tie dyed creation.

2- Use a lot of color. The darker and brighter the colors the better because your colors will fade once you add the alcohol

When you’re done use an eye dropper and slowly drip your alcohol onto your canvas creation swirling the canvas as you go. You can also pour a capful at a time, or just dump the alcohol over the canvas all at once.

Swirl as you go and then set your creation to dry.

You can also create a tie dye style design with paint for your party! It is colorful and fun as well.

Happy creating! Hope this craft brings a little color to your week!

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