A day at the beach is never lost time. When the warm grains of sand touch our hearts, we know we’re in the right place.


Vieste… the perfect vacation pot for families. Sunshine, never-ending sandy beaches, and a sparkling sea.

Vacationing with little kiddos can be hard. And finding the right place can be even harder. Finding a place where both you and the kids can relax and enjoy yourselves is really tough sometimes. In fact, a lot of times when our kids were young, we chose vacation places that were more suited to their needs than to our preferences. Not because we want them to be spoiled, we believe that kids should learn to be flexible, but because we wanted to relax too. And trucking three kids around touristic cities to see all the sites sounds exhausting to us and no fun to them.

The first time we went to Vieste our youngest was 2.5 years old. It was the perfect place for small children because the water stays shallow forever. Well, not forever, but it stays shallow for a very very long time. Allowing this Mamma to be a little less nervous about her three crazies playing in the waves.

Vieste soon became our favorite place to go with the family. It has a fun park full of rides and play toys, tons of restaurants, a great ice cream shop, a beautiful historical part of town to explore and everything you need…right there. You don’t need to go far for anything. Which makes it very relaxing.

We have learned with time that vacation is about going with the flow. My husband would be stressed the first times we went on a beach vacation if we “didn’t enjoy the beach ALL day”, I mean that is why we were there, right?! Then we learned that we weren’t really there for the beach, and maybe not even for the “vacation”, but just to make memories. And some of those memories are of cuddling our littles in a hotel room bed in the afternoon when they were completely wiped after a long morning at the beach. Or of snuggling with them at the beach when they were grumpy and throwing fits, because they were tired from all the play. . .making them and ourselves just sit and do nothing. Or of sitting beside the pool, even though my husband prefers the beach, because that is what the kids wanted to do. And laughing with them as they performed show after show in the water or showed us all their creative dives. Vacation is about family, more than it is about places. Because we can see all the beautiful places in the world, but if no one is having fun, then what’s the point?!

So we sit in the sun and watch them dance in the waves and we smile even when we are tired. Well, maybe not all the time….sometimes we want to yell or cry because they are making us crazy, but we try to remind ourselves that we are creating memories for them, teaching them the importance of family and showing them how much we love them even when we aren’t doing anything at all.

Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.

Christy Anne Martine

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