Ninjago Party Food

Ninjago is a great theme and there are lots of fun ideas for food and drinks! Just add a little yellow face showing through your mask to create a Lego Ninjago on all different kinds of food! Cute and easy!!

Like these water bottles…. these water bottle labels are just little Ninjago faces ready to refresh the party goers.

You can create these easy round ninja face masks as decoration around your party or begin your food table! I added little lego faces to all of my cups as well

Put together some fun snacks to fuel your little guys!

Like fruit kebabs and savoury kebabs. The savoy kebabs had mini hot dogs, cheese, cherry tomatoes and olives on them. The fruit kebabs had a variety of seasonal fruit. You can also print these adorable lego labels that fit perfectly around juice boxes and allow the juice box to look like one giant lego!

Then lastly set up an amazing dessert table! I made lego chocolates with a mold, these Lego Ninjago lollipops in jars filled with color coordinated chocolate candies, and Lego Ninjago Marshmallow pops.

There were also chocolate sugar cookies with little yellow lego faces peeking out!

To create the Ninjago lollipops you need red, blue and black tissue paper and teeny tine lego faces. Cover your lollipop with tissue paper, cut off the excess and seal with glue or tape. Glue on the little mini faces.

And last but not least these four Lego Ninjago cakes! I used granulated sugar frosting which has an amazing flavor- not too sweet, smooth and creamy! I made 4 different cake flavours cherry chip, chocolate, vanilla and chocolate chip!

The Lego Ninjago cakes were easy to make and a huge hit!

Hope your Ninjago party is loads of fun and that your little Ninja is super satisfied with his party treats.

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