Ninjago Birthday

What kid doesn’t love to pretend to be a ninja? Secretive and mysterious and super strong! Lego Ninjago has been a long favorite among kids and is a great theme for a birthday party.

There are so many fun games and activities that you can choose for a Ninjago theme!

Ninja Headbands

Have everyone create their own Ninja headbands! We printed out a code sheet of different words in Japanese for the kids to write on their headbands.

Then we made several red headbands and bought white, black, and silver puffy paint and fabric pens to write their name or a word on their headbands.

Photo Ops

We created two different places to do photos with the birthday boy… one where they could become a lego ninjago and another with Sensei Wu after our ninja session.

Lego Relay Race

Create a relay race with legos!

Divide the party goers into two teams. Each team has a plastic spoon and a bowl full of lego pieces. They need to scoop up the legos onto their spoon and then carry them with the spoon in their mouth across the space to dump them in a bowl on the other side. If they drop the legos they have to go back to the start and start over.

The kids loved this game and it was super easy to put together.

An additional step is to ask each to race to build something once they have transferred all of their lego pieces to the other side. First team to build their Ninjago tower wins.

Shuriken Star Toss

Create your own Shuriken stars and have the kids toss them and try and knock over a tower of ninjas.

We created a competition. Divided the party goers into two teams and as soon as they knocked over their tower, then they could pass the stars to the next person on their team. When everyone in their team had succeeded in knocking over the tower that team won!

Sword Balloon Balance

Each kid had a “sword” made of pvc piping and covered in duct tape to look like a small sword/knife. Then we tossed a bunch of balloons into the air. The objective was to not allow any of the balloons to touch the ground using only their “swords”.

Ninja Lessons

Look up a few basic moves online and it is super easy to create a ninja session for your party goers!

This was the kid’s favorite part of the party! They loved learning a few basic positions and moves. Just look at their intense little faces!


Finish up your day with a piñata!

I made one to look like a Ninjago face.

Then I made Ninjago take out boxes for the kids to collect their candy and prizes.

The kids LOVED taking a whack at the piñata! And had tons of laughs when someone missed too! We had to switch to a heavier stick part way through because the piñata just would NOT break! LOL

Finish up with snacks, cake and presents!

It was a beautiful day and so we were able to celebrate outside and enjoy the sunshine!

I hope you little ninjas enjoy all the fun ideas and have a super Ninja party!

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