Polignano dal Mare

Polignano is one of my favorite cities in Puglia. It is built on a cliffside and overlooks the Adriatic sea.

The water is crystal clear bluish-green, and the views from the city are beautiful.

But this last weekend we were able to experience the view from the sea for the first time and it was even more amazing to take in! If you are visiting Apulia, or anywhere in Southern Italy, I would highly recommend a boat trip through the caves of Polignano.

We were celebrating my MIL’s birthday and it was a great opportunity for family time. It was surprisingly relaxing and lots of fun for the various ages who participated.

The boat leaves from San Vito, a beautiful beach which is also worth your time! The beach sits in front of an old monastery and a tower is built right next to the water. It is quite pretty and a great place to swim or suntan for kids and adults alike.

Once you step into the boat it takes you the short distance to Polignano.

You will explore several of it’s most beautiful caves, with the boat driving inside each of them.

At the end of the ride the boat will drop anchor near the caves to allow you to swim or have a drink and snack.

Exploring Italy, the place where I have lived for the last 18 years, has become a very special family activity. Getting out of the house and seeing a new place, eating new food and exploring creates opportunity for conversation without the distractions that come with being at home.

Get out as a family! Exploring is a great part of our family life. And living in Italy just makes it even more interesting! But even if you live somewhere less fascinating, don’t let that stop you! Use the internet. Look up interesting things nearby and go for a drive. Even the time stuck in a car together can create opportunities for conversation.

Happy exploring adventures to your family!

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