Crayon Melt Pumpkins

Happy Fall y’all!

If you want to skip the carving mess, then there are so many fun idea for decorating your pumpkin this year!!

Like this crayon melt pumpkin!


  • Crayons
  • Hair dryer
  • Pumpkin
  • Hot glue gun

To begin clean your pumpkin with warm water and a rag. And dry it off well.

Clean the paper off of all of your crayons.

Glue your crayons onto a toilet paper tube or directly onto your pumpkin (we tried both ways).

Use your hair dryer to heat up the crayons and start melting them onto your pumpkin.

Direct the air flow in the direction that you want your crayons to melt.

We tried using both the tube and directly on the pumpkin. In the end we preferred placing them directly onto the pumpkin (even though it did tend to heat the pumpkin up more).

The effect that the crayon melts created was so fun! And we had a great time creating our pumpkin as well.

A few tips:

  • Some crayons melt easier than others. Try one brand out before you glue all of your crayons down.
  • Do this activity OUTSIDE. It can get messy and splattery.
  • Place cardboard under your pumpkin or a large towel or rag if you want to protect the pavement or table that you are working on.
  • It can get hot! Wear protective gloves if you want to save your fingers.

Have fun creating your pumpkin! Happy Fall crafting!

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