Around the Clock Wedding Shower

Have you ever been to a wedding shower? It’s like a bridal shower, but for the couple. And it is a perfect solution. It’s a great fir for couple’s who have both guys and girls for friends. It’s also a great solution for couples who do not love to be the center of attention, and would prefer to share the attention with their future partner.

And when you promise to love someone every minute, every hour, every day, what better theme than an “Around the Clock” wedding shower?!

The Around the Clock Wedding Shower works like this: Every person who is invited is assigned an hour of the day. Each person needs to bring a gift that is connected to his hour of the day. If you have a smaller party, just start later in the morning and end earlier in the evening, or ask if anyone wants to do more than one hour (just be aware that it is possible that you will be covering all of the empty hours if no one signs up).

Examples of Gift ideas:

  • 7:00am Alarm Clock
  • 8:00am Coffee Pot
  • 10:00am Mr and Mrs Passport holders
  • 11:00am Suitcases
  • 3:00pm Beach Supplies (towels, cooler)
  • 6:00pm Stir fry wok
  • 9:00pm Blanket, or sheets
  • 10:00pm Candles

These are just a few simple examples! Get creative! Think outside the box. Maybe 10:00 on a Monday the couple will be at work. But 10:00 is also a great time for traveling for their honeymoon or to pack a picnic lunch on a Saturday. You can use items off their registry, or think of useful items that you wished you had received at your own wedding.

Advice for the Bride and Groom:

Another simple activity, which is a great keepsake as well, is to have a place to write advice for the bride and groom. I made cards for the bridal shower for all of the guests to fill out, and at the Wedding shower I bought a journal that everyone could write their advice in. It doesn’t matter which method you use, it’s just a fun idea for the bride and groom.

Encourage people to think of something funny and something serious as well. It will give something for the bride and groom to read on their flight to their honeymoon.

Dinner Buffet:

You can host a dinner, or a brunch. You can involve the guests in asking them to bring a dish along, or provide the food yourself. One way or another, food is always a nice touch. It gives people a chance to relax and chat. It’s an opportunity for the bride and groom to talk with their friends about the big day and to thank them for coming.

A nice touch is to add a few framed printables on the tables that you can give to the bride the groom when the party is over.

I made these customized printables to fit the party theme.

Fun and Games:

Have you ever played He said. She said?! It’s a funny game that is perfect for a bridal shower. The host will ask both the bride and groom a set of questions ahead of time, and then will write down the answers. Then the host reads just one of the answers and the guests have to guess who said it by circling “bride” or “groom”

For example:

  • The best thing about him (or her) is his (or her) laugh.
  • This person said that the groom is the more romantic of the two.
  • This person said that they paid for dinner on their first date.

You read the questions and then have the bride and groom tell who said it. You can even add a fun touch by reading how the other person responded as well.

A Parting Gift:

It’s always thoughtful to send guests home with a small thank you gift. I made lavendar tulle-baggies to put in their closets and drawers for the amazing perfume! And I also made bookmarks with the couple’s photos and a thank you note on them for the guests so that they can remember to pray for the bride and groom every time they see then gift.

End on a sweet note. It’s always a great idea to pray for the bride and groom before the party ends. I had asked the bride and groom ahead of time what they needed prayer for, and then asked a few different people to pray for those prayer points. It was a very sweet moment and I know that the bride and groom felt blessed and encouraged.


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