Born to Rock Baby Shower!

A virtual Baby shower

Quarantine life is affecting all of us. Life keeps moving forward, but we are stuck at home as it does.

People are giving birth, celebrating anniversaries, baby showers, and birthdays as we sit in our houses.

These occasions do not need to be any less special! In fact, they shouldn’t be. In times of difficulty, it is even more important to find reasons for joy and gratitude and to celebrate the good that there is in life.

So when we realized that it would be impossible to throw our friend Gingilly a baby shower in person, I decided we would have to do something special anyways- a virtual baby shower!!

We told all the invitees the new time and day and explained how to download ZOOM.

On the day and time I sent a link to the group chat and everyone just connected using the link. There were 23 of us and it worked great! As the host of the call you have the ability to mute everyone at once, that way you can hear people talk and share one at a time, which was important in order for this to work.


We began with a virtual photo booth! We took both screen shots of our ZOOM call, but I also had asked everyone to send me a recent photo of them with the Mom-to-be and I used photo shop to add the props to all of the photos! It was a fun memory for Mamma.


Because I had already prepared everything for the live party, I hosted a virtual party on Instagram all week. Each day we posted photos of the things we had prepared for the party, so that the Mom-to-be could feel like she was still experiencing the party!

The I hung up the Printables, and set the cake and water bottles next to me in the ZOOM shot so that Mamma could see them while we celebrated.


Not all games will work online but a few worked out just fine.

1- Guess the baby: we had each guest send a digital photo of themselves as a baby. I numbered them and put them onto a doc that I then shared in the group chat, and printed for myself. I gave everyone 5 minutes to try and write then name next to each number. Then I held up my photos for the camera and asked them to say who it was, one at a time. It worked great and was still lots of fun.

2- Mom or Dad?!: This game worked well online as well. I had everyone prepare in advance two pieces of paper with an M on one, and a P (p for papà, but you can do D for dad) on the other. Each time I shared something about the Mom or Dad from when they were little, the group had to guess which person it was…. Mom-to-be or Dad-to-be. They lifted up their M or P to indicate their choice and then I revealed the answer! (these printable baby shower games can be ordered with the party packages that I custom create). An example: Dad and Mom are both really tall. Who was born taller at 53cm? (answer: Dad, Mom was 50 cm). I was also able to involve the Mom-to-be’s mom having her tell us stories about the new Mamma.

3- Advice for Mom: This last one was great and we all cried a bit. Whoever wanted to could share advice for mom or words of encouragement for her. It was a great time of sharing.

After that I gave the Mom-to-be a little time to share her own thoughts, then we prayed for her and said goodbye. The shower lasted about 1.5 hours. It was a really sweet way to celebrate at a distance and to help her feel like the arrival of her little one is worth celebrating, even in the midst of the current chaos.

If you have an occasion coming up consider a virtual party. It is most certainly not the same thing, but it is still a really special way to honor someone on their big day.

Happy celebrating!

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